Consolidated Growth Holdings Limited (“CGH”)

CGH's original business objective was to compile and develop a pan-African portfolio of coal and iron ore assets. CGH successfully acquired a portfolio of prospective coal assets in Zimbabwe whilst concentrating the majority of its focus and expenditure on progressing its Mount Nimba iron ore project in South Eastern Guinea up the value chain. Despite this, in recent years the long-term effects of factors including political instability, public health emergencies, the impact of the depressed bulk commodities markets, unpredictability of legal systems and adverse press speculation caused significant harm to CGH's long term prospects as a mineral exploration and development business.

CGH has a strong cash position and plans to realise value from its existing asset base to enable CGH to facilitate investment into growing an asset portfolio of revenue generating projects, with a geographic focus on southern and central Africa including possible acquisition and development of early stage exploration assets in Zimbabwe.

CGH's long-term strategy with regards to its investments is to generate growth in shareholder value through in-house development of projects combined with passive investment (albeit with board representation where appropriate) into other businesses which meet the desired operational, sector and geographic profile. CGH aims to deliver growth in shareholder value as the value of its investments grow. It is anticipated that shareholders will realise this value through (one or a combination of) capital growth in the value of their investment into CGH and/or cash distributions, whether from cashflows or upon exit events in the companies in which CGH has invested shareholder funds.

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