The Board of CGH intends to realise maximum value from the company’s existing asset base. CGH has a strong cash position and the potential to realise further value from its existing asset base will enable the Board to invest the company’s resources into a revenue generating project/asset portfolio, with a geographic focus on southern and central Africa. .

CGH will consider a wide range of opportunities, but given the prevailing market conditions it is not anticipated that the Company will look to invest in or acquire any interest in mineral exploration, extraction or development businesses or assets; instead, at this stage of the world economic cycle, the Board believes that a strong focus on short-term revenue generation investments will offer better value to Shareholders than long-term, capital intensive projects.

The Board will monitor the progress of its portfolio in light of any trends and developments within the region and the wider economy. Central and southern Africa continue to offer great opportunities for successful investments, provided that the correct trends are identified; the Board are confident in their ability to make these investments and translate these investments into shareholder value.

The Board of CGH does not propose to set any duration on making or holding any investment, but assure shareholders that they will seek to access to tradeable shares, should an appropriate opportunity be presented in the future.